Exploring Nonfiction Secondary: Reading in the Content Areas: Science Kit

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  • Grade: 5 - 12
  • Interest Level: 7-12
  • Item: TCM8136
  • ISBN: 9780743981361
  • Language: English
Use a variety of informative Science texts to help secondary students develop skills and strategies for reading nonfiction. The high-interest nonfiction passages in this kit are provided by the authors of TIME FOR KIDS® magazine and supplemented with extension activities, lesson plans, and teaching resources. Each kit comes with several vibrant student activity cards with short, focused texts in print and digital formats. These cards keep students engaged and help them enjoy practicing their nonfiction reading skills. This kit correlates to Common Core standards and acts as the perfect resource for secondary level readers to become more familiar with a variety of informational texts.

Exploring Nonfiction Secondary: Science Complete Kit includes:
  • Student Activity Cards (in print and digital formats)
  • Teacher Resources (in print and digital formats)
  • Lesson Plans
  • Digital resources

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Series highlights include:

  • Teacher Resource Notebook and a Lesson Plan Notebook in print and digital formats
  • Student Activity Cards with short, focused high-interest nonfiction text
  • Digital Resources
Exploring Nonfiction Secondary: Reading in the Content Areas: Science Kit

Teacher Resources

Exploring Nonfiction Secondary consists of four kits, one for each content area: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. Each kit in this series includes a Teacher Resource Notebook and a Lesson Plan Notebook.

The Teacher Resource Notebook contains:

  • Background information for all the nonfiction reading skills used in the lesson plans
  • Assessments for each of the nonfiction reading skills
  • Sample parent letters explaining how to reinforce nonfiction reading skills
  • A scope and sequence chart detailing the skills taught

The Lesson Plan Notebook consists of:

  • Two complete lessons for each text card
  • Vocabulary words and activities
  • Creative extension activities
  • A culminating activity that allows students to demonstrate their mastery of the nonfiction reading skills and strategies

Student Activity Cards

Engage students with high-interest informational text from TIME FOR KIDS® found on the Student Activity Cards. The front of the cards contain a variety of genres of nonfiction material that a student would typically encounter within a given content area. The back of the cards provide discussion questions for before, during, and after reading; skill explanations, and writing prompts.

Digital Resources

  • Teacher Resource Notebook and Lesson Plan Notebook
  • Student Activity Cards
  • Student Activity Pages
  • Parent Letters in English and Spanish

Correlations to Common Core, State, and Province Standards

Teachers' Choice Award™ from Learning® Magazine Teachers' Choice Award™ from Learning® Magazine