Exploring Writing: Level 3 Kit

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  • Grade: 3
  • Interest Level: 3
  • Item: TCM9003
  • ISBN: 9780743990035
  • Language: English
This award-winning, dynamic supplementary writing and intervention program includes everything classroom teachers need to help students improve their writing skills. The wide variety of texts in this kit allow students to develop their writing skills through reading, oral discussion, and vocabulary development. Students will practice various writing genres, including narrative nonfiction, fiction and poetry, expository/informative, and persuasive/argumentative text types. The high-interest Activity Cards included in this kit feature short, focused texts, writing models, and TIME FOR KIDS® content to engage and guide students while vibrant charts, graphs, and images help improve visual literacy. This kit also includes a Teacher's Guide for each genre with lesson plans, various formative and summative assessments, rubrics, student-writing exemplars, and graphic organizers. Additional support for grammar and writing conventions is provided through copies of TIME FOR KIDS® Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics and Writer's Notebook.

TIME FOR KIDS® Exploring Writing: Level 3 Complete Kit includes:
  • multiple student Activity Cards for each text type
  • four Teacher's Guides
  • Management and Support Guide including correlations to standards
  • Single copy of Writer's Notebook
  • Single copy of Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics
  • Digital resources

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Series highlights include:

  • Activity Cards demonstrating a variety of text types and purposes
  • Teacher's Guide with multiple formative and summative assessments and student-writing exemplars
  • Management and Support Guide
  • Single copy of Writer's Notebook
  • Single copy of Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics
  • Digital Resources
Exploring Writing: Level 3 Kit

Activity Cards

High-interest Activity Cards feature TIME FOR KIDS® content and provide a wide range of writing models that can be used as mentor text. Each kit includes 12 Activity Cards provided for each of the four master writing genres that correspond to the lessons:

  • Narrative Nonfiction
  • Expository
  • Persuasive
  • Fiction and Poetry

Teacher's Guide

The genre-specific Teacher's Guide has sequential lessons that help students develop a solid understanding of how to write within each genre. Each Teacher's Guide includes:

  • Flexible, teacher-friendly lesson plans to use in whole-group, small-group, or independent settings
  • Step-by-step procedures for teaching writing skills
  • Guidelines on how to incorporate a grammar, usage, and mechanics activity within each lesson
  • a Culminating Lesson and writing project that allows students to utilize all of the writing skills learned throughout a unit
  • Rubrics and assessment resources to help teachers assess writing in multiple genres.

Teacher's Guide

Management and Support Guide

The Management and Support Guide provides additional resources to help teachers implement Exploring Writing into the curriculum, locate instructional resources to meet students' needs, and/or set up a writing workshop in their classroom. Extensive indices are included to help teachers navigate the kit and select cards and/or lessons based on the theme, writing skill, or Traits of Writing.

Management and Support Guide

Test Preparation Booklet

A Test Preparation Booklet is included in the Secondary and Content Area kits to prepare students for standardized tests. Teachers are provided with support to teach test taking strategies, test day tips, and ways to use test results to inform instruction.

Test Preparation Booklet

Writer's Notebook

Each full-color Writer's Notebook includes sections to support the steps of the writing process - Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Editing and Proofreading, and Publishing.

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics

This full-color resource focuses on grammar and writing conventions in an engaging, student-friendly manner with guided practice activities and "Tips for Writers."

Digital Resources

  • Activity Cards
  • Reproducible Worksheets
  • Checklists
  • Parent Letters

Correlations to Common Core, State, and Province Standards

Teachers' Choice Award™ from Learning® Magazine Teachers' Choice Award™ from Learning® Magazine