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Use Explor-eBook for:

  • Intervention programs
  • Library Media Center
  • Summer School
  • After-School/Book Clubs
  • Guided Reading
  • Whole and Small Group
  • Family engagement
Explor-eBook Kids

What you'll find in ExploreBook

Library of Books Homework Assignments Assessments Teacher Resources Communication Tools Reporting

Library of Books

A teacher's dream come true! Access more than 500 authentic, nonfiction and fiction books featuring engaging, rich, and interactive content designed to improve comprehension and fluency skills while reinforcing the four domains of language.

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Explore the books you will have in your classroom

library of books

Homework Assignments

Want an easy way to create, assign, and evaluate purposeful homework? To increase student engagement and creativity, students can respond to homework assignments via written response, video, images, and/or audio files.

Discover more about homework assignments

homework assignments


Know how and where your students are making progress. A text-based assessment is included with each book using current question formats to prepare your students for today's standardized tests while also providing important proficiency data on their comprehension.

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Teacher Resources

Explor-eBook is here to help you be even more successful in the classroom by providing a variety of teacher resources to help maximize student learning. Resources include standards-based lesson plans, a list of lessons by skill, paired text set recommendations, and more.

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teacher resources

Communication Tools

Do you aspire to have a classroom environment that is collaborative and interactive? Explor-eBook encourages students to collaborate with one another and with you by providing safe, user-friendly interaction tools.

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communication tools


Explor-eBook makes it easy for you to know exactly how students are progressing. Teachers, administrators, student, and parents can view and monitor student performance.

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