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Getting Started

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Get the Apps

For the best experience with Explor-eBook, download and use our native applications. Not only will they provide a strong online experience, they will allow for offline use of books, activities, and more!

*Please note, some teacher and administrator capabilities are only available through the Web and not through the applications.

System Requirements

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First Steps

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These helpful resources will assist in getting your school or classroom set up and ready to read!
Getting Started - School or District Administrators
Getting Started Video - School or District Administrators
Getting Started - Teachers
Getting Started - External System Interface Guide


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Log in and let the fun begin!
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Helpful Downloads

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Use these documents to upload your classes, teachers, and students into the s ystem.

Naming Conventions

How to

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Successfully navigate the digital learning space and integrate the technology into your classroom.
How-to Videos
Professional Development Options


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If you have a question about Explor-eBook, chances are someone else does, too! We responded to the most frequently asked questions here.


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If you need additional support, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at 800.858.7339 or eebsupport@tcmpub.com

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