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Inspire a love of reading!


Our collection of nonfiction books cover engaging and exciting topics such as endangered animals, sports, biographies, world culture, and more. These books entice your students via interesting facts and build their knowledge base while also improving their overall reading skills. Plus, our collection of fiction books provide authentic and imaginative stories that entertain your students while at the same time guide them through the important elements of fiction stories such as characters, settings, and plots.

Lexile Levels

Explor-eBook makes it easy for teachers to sort and assign books to ensure each student is reading material that is a suitable challenge.


Keep students engaged with their reading assignments via diverse, authentic content. Explor-eBook offers books that cover a wide range of topics.

Interest Levels

With a diverse group of students, it is often difficult to find books that everyone is interested in. With Explor-eBook, teachers have a plethora of books to choose from that cover a wide range of topics and interest levels so that students can engage with books that grab their attention.

Comprehensive List of Books

What's New! Bookroom

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