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Active Algebra: Algebra I Kit

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  • Grade: 8-12
  • Interest Level: 8-12
  • Item: 10357
  • ISBN: 9780743903578
  • Language: English
This comprehensive and flexible program promotes a mastery of all necessary Algebra I skills in a motivating and engaging format. This resource is especially beneficial for special education students and English language learners. Concepts covered in this kit include algebraic expressions, integers, linear equations, graphing, inequalities, systems of equations, polynomials, factoring, radicals, quadratics, rational expressions, probability, percent, and proportion.

Active Algebra: Algebra I Complete Kit includes:
  • 10 Teaching Units
  • Teacher Resource Guide
  • 20 Student Guided Practice Books (additional books can be ordered in quantities of 10 or more)
  • PowerPoint® presentation of each lesson and additional activity sheets
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Test
  • 7 Algebra Aces Game Boards
  • videos of modeled lessons
  • Class set of manipulatives

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Series highlights include:

  • Teacher Resource Guide and 7-10 Teaching Units
  • 20-30 Student Guided Practice Books (additional books can be ordered in sets of 10)
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Test
  • Class set of manipulatives
  • Videos of modeled lessons
Active Algebra: Algebra I Kit

Teacher Resource Guide and Teaching Units

The Active Algebra series promotes a balanced approach to Pre-algebra and Algebra I instruction. The flexible series develops students' conceptual understanding that can be used in a variety of instructional settings, including intervention programs, for credit recovery, summer school, and before- and after-school programs, and as a tool for supplementing a core program.

Algebra Readiness is a research-based intervention program designed for all students who are preparing to learn and master Algebra concepts. The program is intended to be a bridge from general mathematics to Algebra.

Algebra I Crash Course includes carefully constructed algebra problems and weekly standardized test-practice activities that are designed to prepare students for standardized tests.

Algebra I is a comprehensive and flexible program that promotes mastery of all necessary Algebra I skills in an engaging and motivating format.

Teacher Resource Guide and Teaching Units

Student Guided Practice Book

Active Algebra includes concrete experiences and the practice necessary to build procedural proficiency, with opportunities to apply algebra concepts to real-life problems. Each Student Guided Practice Book includes all the activities to support instruction.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Test

The Comprehensive Diagnostic Test is given as an entry-level assessment at the beginning of the program to determine students' levels. It includes an item-by-item analysis that correlates the questions to the lessons. This assessment is also given as a progress monitoring assessment and as a summative evaluation to measure students' growth. Additional progress monitoring assessments include the quizzes and practice activities. Other summative evaluations include the unit tests.

Class set of manipulatives and gameboards

When students are engaged in the learning process, they are actively constructing knowledge. Algebra Readiness and Algebra I include a class set of manipulatives. Manipulatives serve as a great tool for engaging students as well as addressing the needs of kinesthetic learners, visual learners, and English language learners (ELLs).

Algebra I includes seven gameboards designed to reinforce skills learned.

Digital Resources

  • PowerPoint® presentation of each lesson
  • Assessments
  • Student Guided Practice Book
  • Games
  • Lesson Support

Videos of modeled lessons

Videos of modeled lessons include an actual hands-on Algebra training conducted by the program authors. Teachers will learn everything they need to know to implement the program.

Correlations to Common Core, State, and Province Standards

AEP Distinguished Achievement Award Winner AEP Distinguished Achievement Award Winner

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