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Ancient Egypt

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  • Grade: 5-12
  • Interest Level: 5-12
  • ISBN: 9780743981392
  • Language: English
Make ancient Egyptian history relevant and exciting for children with the simulations, primary sources, and historical background information in this kit. This resource notebook focuses on topics that had a profound impact on the world, featuring simulations and activities to engage and motivate students. Using body language and acting skills, bring one-dimensional hieroglyphs to life. Design a booklet on the mummification process and perform an experiment on dehydration. Participate in an identification activity of strange, mysterious gods. Simulate a forensic investigation of a mummy. Compete in the bartering system by trading Egyptian goods for goods from other Mediterranean countries. With the help of this resource that aligns with Common Core State Standards, students will determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source. Digital resources, including audio files, primary sources, content-related videos, and assessments, give students further learning opportunities. Bonus items in this kit include a 34" x 22" full-color map of Ancient Egypt, Action Symbolic Signs, and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Cards.

Exploring History: Ancient Egypt Complete Kit includes:
  • Resource notebook
  • Digital resources
  • Bonus items

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