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Constitution and New Government

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  • Grade: 5-12
  • Interest Level: 5-12
  • ISBN: 9781576906880
  • Language: English
Teach children about U.S. history by reenacting key events from the creation of the Constitution and new government. This resource notebook focuses on topics that had a profound impact on the country, featuring simulations and activities to engage and motivate students. Take part in a Constitutional Convention play. Elect a president. Examine the process by which a bill becomes a law through role-playing. Debate the creation of a federal judicial system. Acting as U.S. diplomats, negotiate foreign treaties. With the help of this resource that aligns with Common Core State Standards, students will determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source. Digital resources, including audio files, primary sources, content-related videos, and assessments, give students further learning opportunities. Bonus items in this kit include two 34" x 22" full-color charts: "How Does a Bill Become a Law?" and "Checks and Balances".

Exploring History: Constitution and New Government Complete Kit includes:
  • Resource notebook
  • Digital resources
  • Bonus items

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