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Making Comprehension Connections: Kit

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  • Grade: K-5
  • Item: 50263
  • ISBN: 9781425802639
Here's a fun and easy way to help learners understand and remember comprehension strategies! This resource effectively combines the senses for greater academic success by providing everything the brain needs for comprehension and memory retention--visual, verbal, auditory, and kinesthetic input. This easy-to-follow program provides colorful and simple icons in the form of posters that help learners remember concepts without the help of words. It also provides learners with multiple ways to remember and understand the comprehension skills and strategies, using songs and other active learning experiences. The songs are featured on an Audio CD and provided in print form in the Teacher's Guide and on transparencies. A separate Teacher Resource CD contains all of the reproducibles and a professional development DVD is also included that shows how to implement the lessons. This resource is correlated to the Common Core and other state standards.

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