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Take-Home Backpacks: Grade 4-5 (Spanish Version)

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  • Grade: 4-5
  • Item: 21517
  • ISBN: 9781480745179
  • Language: Spanish
Keep students on track this summer with fun and engaging Spanish-translated resources packed inside this handy backpack to help prevent summer learning loss and prepare them for fifth grade. These resources will help boost student achievement and provide them with a great alternative for real-world learning at a time when they need it most! Parents will appreciate these ready-made sets designed to help them help their kids in key areas of learning.

Backpack includes:
  • Kids Learn! Getting Ready for 5th Grade (Second Language Support) book featuring Common Core-aligned reading, writing, and mathematics activities
  • 40 page Quinto grado Guía del padre para éxito de su hijo (Fifth Grade Parent Guide for Your Child's Success) to provide reinforcement for what the teacher is doing in class
  • Ingeniería: Hazañas y fracasos (Engineering Feats and Failures)
  • Anne Frank: Una luz en la oscuridad (Anne Frank: A Light in the Dark)
  • ¡Supervivencia! Jungla (Survival! Jungle)
  • ¡Sin Resolver! Lugares misteriosos (Unsolved! Mysterious Places)


Series highlights include:

  • High-interest content-area books, stories, and biographies
  • Engaging texts that feature colorful photographs, illustrations, academic vocabulary, and more to grow reading skills
  • Backpack
Take-Home Backpacks: Grade 4-5 (Spanish Version)

Kids Learn!

Bridge the away-from-school gap and prevent summer learning loss with Kids Learn! With fun and engaging activities to help students prepare for the next grade level, students and parents will enjoy working together over the summer months. Features include:

  • Six weeks of fun, full-color, standards-aligned activities - five math per week, five reading per week, one writing per week
  • Six weeks of standards-aligned test prep
  • Parent-involvement with students and activities

Parent Guide

Prepare parents and students for the upcoming school year with the full-color Parent Guide that includes:

  • Quick, fun activities to help parents support their children's education in school, at home, and in the community
  • Suggestions to improve communication with children at each stage of development
  • Ideas for turning everyday activities into learning opportunities to practice important life skills

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