Professional Development

Teacher Created Materials offers a wide range of professional formats that include critical topics, sought after presenters, and rich, practical content. We embed best practices with hands-on application to ensure a sustainable model


All day virtual workshop

Best Practices Webinars

Develop teachers’ pedagogical knowledge and provide teachers with a toolbox of instructional strategies that can be immediately implemented in their virtual classroom instruction.

Time Length: 60-90 minutes

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Examples of Available Topics:

Strategies for Supporting Language Learners in Remote Environments

Reaching and engaging language learners requires dedicated and sometimes unique strategies.This webinar will quickly guide you through the steps necessary to make sure all students continue learning and growing in all environments

Write Now: Integrating Writing Instruction into Virtual Learning

Writing has many purposes – to think, to prove, to learn and to summarize. And in today’s alternate learning environments, writing offers opportunities to gauge student’s conceptual understanding across content areas. In this webinar you will learn key strategies for teaching writing in virtual learning environments

Guided Math: A Proven Framework to Reach All Math Learners

In this webinar you will learn how to provide an innovative approach to mathematics instruction that fosters mathematical thinking and conceptual understanding.

Create Your Own

Do you have a specific pain point or topic to address in your school? We are here to help! We specialize in creating webinars that are customized to meet your precise needs. Contact us today to discuss your ideal professional development webinar, and we’ll partner with you to design and deliver what you need when you need it.

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