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Teacher Created Materials offers a wide range of professional formats that include critical topics, sought after presenters, and rich, practical content.
We embed best practices with hands-on application to ensure a sustainable model.


Virtual workshop

Virtual Workshops

Our workshops are delivered in 2- to 3- hour modules that when completed equal a 6-hour day of professional learning. These can be delivered live, pre-recorded or in a format that combines the two. Attendees will have multiple opportunities to apply and demonstrate what they learn.


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Examples of Available Topics:

Strategies for Supporting Language Learners in Remote Environments

Reaching and engaging language learners requires dedicated and sometimes unique strategies. This virtual workshop will guide you through the steps necessary to make sure all students continue learning and growing in all environments, with a focus on virtual learning environments.

Each workshop attendee will learn:

  • Best practices for supporting ELs, with a focus on virtual learning environments
  • Engaging strategies to support students with vocabulary and knowledge building
  • Practical strategies to support students in understanding complex text
  • High-utility strategies to support students in writing in response to text

Write Now: Integrating Writing Instruction into Virtual Learning

In today’s alternate learning environments, writing offers opportunities to gauge student’s conceptual understanding across content areas. This virtual workshop highlights effective strategies for teaching writing, essential to any professional toolbox.

Each workshop attendee will learn:

  • Best practices in writing instruction and the research supporting short writing assignments
  • How to create and assess short writing activities including incorporating instructional mini-lessons and designing rubrics
  • Strategies for applying learning to tomorrow’s classrooms, wherever those classrooms might be

Guided Math: A Proven Framework to Reach All Math Learners

In this workshop you will learn how to provide an innovative approach to mathematics instruction that fosters mathematical thinking and conceptual understanding. Explore the benefits of a variety of research-based instructional models, including mathematical discourse, whole-group and small-group lessons, math warm-ups, workshops, and student conferencing. And discover how to use assessment throughout this model so that true data-driven instruction can take place.

Each workshop attendee will learn:

  • The importance of student choice in selecting tasks that are purposefully planned to accelerate student achievement and meet the mathematical needs of students
  • How to accurately deliver a whole group lesson that is immediately followed up by intensive small group instructional activities using a menu of instruction and assessment option
  • Practical classroom management techniques that set up any Guided Math classroom for success

Create Your Own

Do you have specific pain points or topics you want to address in your school? We are here to help! We specialize in creating virtual workshops that are customized to meet your precise needs. Contact us today to discuss your ideal virtual workshop, and we’ll partner with you to design and deliver what you need when you need it.

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