Balanced Literacy is a comprehensive approach to language arts instruction that encompasses all elements needed for students to master reading, writing, and oral communication skills. Teacher Created Materials offers a suite of flexible resources and professional development options to help you successfully implement the Balanced Literacy model.

Our goal is your goal: effective teaching and student achievement!

Each element of Balanced Literacy is supported by a variety of our resources.

  • Assessment tools are included in each product to drive instruction.
  • Engaging and purposeful digital support is provided, including interactive eBooks! Download the Brochure
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Curriculum Resources

Targeted Phonics Building Vocabulary Focused Reading Intervention
Targeted Phonics for Grades PreK-2 Building Vocabulary for Grades 3-8 Focused Reading Intervention
Nonfiction Readers Fiction Readers Bookroom Collections
Nonfiction Readers Fiction Readers Bookroom Collections
Science Readers Primary Source Readers Write TIME FOR KIDS
Science Readers: Content and Literacy in Science Primary Source Readers: Content and Literacy in Social Studies Write TIME FOR KIDS®

Professional Development Options

We offer a wide variety of professional development options and formats to support your Balanced Literacy model, making planning and implementation easy!

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Learning Objectives

2-Day Workshop
Day 1
  • Understand the elements that comprise a comprehensive Balanced Literacy classroom
  • Build knowledge in disciplines to increase content-area literacy
  • Incorporate rigorous guided reading instruction with increased text complexity
  • Learn high-yield instructional strategies for implementing all components
  • Use standards to design grade-level frameworks
Day 2
  • Formulate balanced assessments that align to each component
  • Develop close reading strategies during Guided Reading, Modeled Reading, and Shared Reading instruction
  • Foster the reciprocal connection between reading and writing instruction
  • Develop methods for building text sets for successful classroom implementation
5-Day Workshop
  • Deeply conceptualize and build capacity in each component
  • Learn instructional strategies to create purposeful strategic readers in the classroom
  • Work in grade-level teams to develop Balanced Literacy frameworks
  • Plan appropriate reading and writing instruction that incorporates the understanding of writing from sources across multiple genres
  • Build balanced assessments and the importance of analysis for informed rigorous literacy instruction
  • Develop text sets to integrate content-area learning while building knowledge of disciplines
  • Investigate strategies to incorporate technology
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