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Interact with text in a media format that is more enhanced than a traditional printed book or traditional static ebook.

  • Students can test their knowledge through word work, comprehension, and assessment interactive activities that are embedded in each book.
  • Capture students' interest with videos that build and reinforce knowledge.
  • Utilize helpful teacher and student tools.

In the Classroom

  1. High-interest text and graphics.
  2. Familiar technology.
  3. Interactive tools.
  4. Professional recorded audio.

Perfect Mix

Promote higher-order thinking and collaboration with interactive ebooks and engaging diverse media to create a rich learning experience.

Perfect Mix
In Action

In Action

See how Explor-eBook , from Teacher Created Materials, is being used by educators!

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Explor-eBook for Teachers
Explor-eBook for Teachers

Grade: K-8

  • Interest Level: K-8
  • Item Number: 26999

Price: $249.99

Gain immediate access to a comprehensive library of over 500 books, each including a lesson and assessment, that are specially designed to meet today's classroom needs! One annual teacher subscription allows for up to 35 users to enroll.

Explor-eBook for Teachers

Grade: K-8 $249.99
Item Number: 26999

Correlations to Common Core, State, and Province Standards

Teachers' Choice Award™ from Learning® Magazine Teachers' Choice Award™ from Learning® Magazine

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