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Integrating Technology into the Writing Process


Integrate technology and writing into instruction simultaneously with this engaging writing program.

  • Differentiate instruction and tailor to the needs of below-grade level, above-grade level, and English language learners with Lesson Books at three levels: beginner, intermediate, and challenging.
  • Implement quickly and easily and save time planning by utilizing the strategies outlined in the Management Book.
  • Boost technology confidence for both tech savvy and tech-reluctant teachers and students with the 100 How-to Cards classroom resource.
  • Access digital copies of How-to Cards, reproducible activity pages, and customizable versions of assessment rubrics with additional digital resources.

In the Classroom

  1. Relevant digital resources.
  2. Culminating class publication.
  3. Customizable rubrics for evaluation.
  4. Differentiated instruction with leveled lesson books.

Perfect Mix

Encourage creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration with multiple digital tools.

Perfect Mix
From a Student

From a Student

Read what this student says about writing on the Red Bench blog from Teacher Created Materials!

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Integrating Technology into the Writing Process
Integrating Technology into the Writing Process

Grade: 3-12

  • Interest Level: 3-12
  • Item Number: 14414

Price: $299.99

Get students invested in writing with this research-based 21st century writing resource featuring short and sustained research projects coupled with the use of relevant digital resources.

Integrating Technology into the Writing Process

Grade: 3-12 $299.99
Item Number: 14414

Correlations to Common Core, State, and Province Standards

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