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Learn about equality under the law!

Use these in-depth and engaging activities to teach students that the United States has laws that ensure equality for all of our citizens. Help students understand that everyone has an equal opportunity to live and improve their lives.

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Posted 04/27/17

Find a short story and tell it! How to teach journalism.

In this short story you'll get practical ideas about teaching journalism in your classroom. When students learn the skills associated with being a professional journalist, they acquire the nonacademic skills associated with success for whatever career path they pursue.

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Posted 04/20/17

FREE Photo Card and Supporting Classroom Activites!

Use this engaging photo card and activity sheet to teach students about the process behind the creation of the American Flag. Students will create historical timelines and explore exciting word games inside these FREE activities to strengthen their knowledge of the history of the American Flag.

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Posted 04/13/17

FREE Classroom Activities

Use these engaging primary sources and activities in your classroom!

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Posted 04/06/17

FREE Activities

No statue symbolizes freedom more than the Statue of Liberty. This text pair provides students with two ways of learning more about the statue.

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Posted 03/30/17

FREE Classroom Activities

Help students build fluency through practice and performance while they learn about the first ladies of The White House.

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Posted 03/23/17

FREE Ebook!

There are government leaders all over the world who work at the city, state, and national level. This captivating book will allow readers to learn about various jobs in government including politician, statesman, governor, and mayor.

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Posted 03/16/17

Free Activities

Help students understand the ideas established by the Constitution.

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Posted 03/09/17

How to Identify Credible Sources on the Web

Use these FREE classroom activities to teach your kids about credible sources on the web!

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Posted 03/02/17

Get Your FREE eBook!

Celebrate Black History Month and teach your students about Frederick Douglass!

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Posted 02/23/17

FREE Classroom Activities

Appointing Supreme Court Justices.

In this activity, students will learn about the Supreme Court nomination process. Students will analyze a cartoon about Ronald Reagan's appointment of Sandra Day O'Connor and give reasons for the cartoon's content and title.

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Posted 02/16/17

Download These FREE Activities

What can you do for your country?

Use this engaging text card to teach your students about civic responsibilities and opportunities!

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Posted 02/09/17

Teach Students About American Democracy

In this fun and engaging unit on democracy, students will learn how our government works.

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Posted 02/02/17

FREE Leveled Texts

Teach your third graders about the American Government.

Learn about the American Government with these engaging leveled texts!

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Posted 01/26/17

FREE Word Ladder Activities

Learn about the original thirteen colonies with these engaging word ladder activity sheets! Download now

Posted 01/19/17

FREE Song and Activity Download

Learn about what the stars and stripes on the American flag represent!

Encourage students to sing along and use these engaging activities to build critical thinking skills.

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Posted 01/12/17

Teaching Critical Thinking in the Classroom

Now more than ever, it has become important for teachers to help students practice critical thinking skills in the classroom.

Here are some suggestions for how you can begin building critical-thinking skills in your classroom. Read now

Posted 01/05/17

Free Classroom Activities

Learning About Our Constitution

Help kids understand the importance of the United States Constitution with these FREE classroom activities!

Preamble to the Constitution - Download now
Supporting Activities - Download now

Posted 12/22/16

FREE Classroom Activities

Learn about the United States Constitution with these dynamic and colorful classroom activities.

Act out the story of a group of children who need to set rules for their camping trip! They use the United States Constitution as an example, discovering the reasons it was written, what it means for democracy in our country, and how it gives citizens rights, laws, and freedoms. Download now

Posted 12/15/16

Free Classroom Activities

On December 19th, electors will meet in their state and vote for President and Vice President on separate ballots.

Help students understand the presidential election process by using these FREE, fun, and engaging electoral college activities! Download now

Posted 12/08/16

FREE eBook!

Today, Americans embrace one another's differences and believe in equality and responsibility.

These are our civic values. It is important that we uphold these beliefs and educate our young readers. Enjoy this free download of "We the People: Civic Values in America." Download now

Posted 12/01/16

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