Essential Math Skills: Developing Deep Understanding for Grades Pre-K to 3

This webinar took place on Friday, December 5, 2014 at 11:00pm PDT

Boost essential math skills, build math confidence, and teach math in an entire new way! Some math skills deserve more than coverage. They are fundamental to a child's ability to understand and learn math, and deserve the time and instruction needed to develop deep understanding. These crucial skills are the core of the core and must be developed to competency. Join Bob Sornson, Ph.D., founder of the Early Learning Foundation and author of Essential Math Skills: Over 250 Activities to Develop Deep Understanding as he reveals:

  • The sequence of essential early math skills
  • Strategies for helping students understand math instead of faking their way through math by memorizing facts and formulas
  • A simple system for carefully monitoring progress toward competency for every child
  • How to help teachers feel more successful, and help students understand math for life

About the Presenter:

Bob Sornson, Ph.D., is nationally recognized for developing the Early Learning Success Initiative and works with schools and community organizations across the country to support teachers and parents. Dr. Sornson is dedicated to giving every child the opportunity to achieve early learning success, which lays the foundation for success in life. Dr. Sornson is a leader of, and advocate for programs and practices that support high-quality early childhood education and parent engagement. He is the author of Creating Classrooms Where Teachers Love to Teach, The Juice Box Bully, Preventing Early Learning Failure, and many other publications.

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