And the Winner Is...YOU, Dear Teacher

And the Winner Is...YOU, Dear Teacher

May is about springtime, moms, and‚...teachers! Teacher Appreciation Month is here, and Teacher Created Materials is standing first in line to say, "THANK YOU, teachers everywhere, for all the AMAZING things you are and do!" To our mind, teaching is far and away the most honorable, valuable, and worthwhile profession there is. So to you, the wonderful teacher reading this right now, here's a round of applause and flowers at your feet, because you are the BEST there is! The Teacher Is there any more lauded industry in the world than entertainment? There are awards for movies, television, music, music videos, industry picks, peer selections, kid favorites‚Äîand the list goes on. Grammys, Emmys, and Oscars? Who needs 'em?! We say it's time for something new! We present to you now our award‚Äîthe Teacher. It's lightweight (because your bag is heavy enough), it serves double duty (it's also a pencil holder and coffee mug), and it comes with all your students' names engraved as well (because you would give them credit anyway). So, are you ready? Here are this year's Teacher Award winners! The Kindergarten Teacher: Winner in the category of hugs, love, and handholding while still teaching a big group of squirrelly cutie pies the foundations for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING THEY HAVE TO KNOW by the time they graduate high school. (The crowd goes wild!) The Primary Teacher: Reading, Writing, and ‚ÄòRithmatic‚Äîit all starts with you! How do you do it? The world wants to know! The answer? The Force is strong with this one. No other explanation seems reasonable. (Standing ovation!)shutterstock_182093303 The Upper Elementary Teacher: You keep them engaged, help them show what they know, and lead them to think for themselves and do for themselves while remembering they are still kids with tender hearts. You are strong yet gentle, and not at all adverse to fart jokes and the belching of the ABCs. (Thunderous, roaring applause!) The Middle School Teacher: Hormones. 'Nough said. (Feverish fans begin the wave! The bleachers rattle!) The High School Teacher: You know there is no more passionate, committed, engaged person in the world than an adolescent who is tuned in‚Äîand no one more checked out than when he or she doesn't see the point. You see their passion and celebrate it, you teach them and care for them more than they will ever know, and then you hold them up and move them on. This Teacher is earned through some sweat and tears‚Äîand not a little angst. Well done! (There goes the roof! Bravo! Bravo!) Thank You All! We celebrate you‚Äîyes YOU! You've earned our admiration and appreciation. We honor you, respect you, and value you. And we award you here and now with the highest praise we can think of‚... We call you Teacher. Your Turn Tell us about a teacher in your life who deserves a Teacher Award! Feel free to post about your award winner here. Enter your favorite teacher to win a $50 gift certificate from us this month! Learn more      


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Dona Herweck Rice

Dona Herweck Rice, Former Editor-in-Chief for TCM

Dona Herweck Rice, former editor-in-chief for Teacher Created Materials, currently serves as an educational consultant in the areas of writing, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry for children. Dona has extensive teaching experience and has authored single titles for the education market, for grades Pre•K –12 across all content areas, including language arts, science, social studies, mathematics, and the creative arts, including many titles in the TIME For Kids Nonfiction Readers, Science Readers, Reader's Theater, and Early Childhood Themes lines.