It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? What a bittersweet time this is, looking forward to the summer while feeling a little tug as you say goodbye to the past school year! To help capture the moment, here’s a poem—with due acknowledgements to the extraordinary Margaret Wise Brown.


Goodbye, Classroom

In the quiet classroom

There was a computer

And a custodian’s broom

And a picture of…

The phases of the moon

And there were desks and chairs, set in a square

And stray pencil nibs and marker lids

And a crayon of blue in the Elmer’s glue

And an alphabet rug and a Starbucks mug

And the clicking chirp of some pesky bug

Goodbye classroom

Goodbye phases of the moon

Goodbye computer and the custodian’s broom

Goodbye desks, goodbye chairs

Goodbye nibs, goodbye lids

Goodbye clock and goodbye chalk

Goodbye crayon blue and goodbye glue

Goodbye alphabet and goodbye rug

Goodbye nobody, goodbye mug

And goodbye to the pesky, chirping bug

Goodbye grades, goodbye halls

Goodbye, dear students, until the fall