Classroom management is always a challenge for incoming teachers, and it can be for veteran teachers as well. How do I get my students to respond to me when I want their responses? How do I quiet them down when I need to have them focus? Here are three key strategies to help you run a smooth and successful classroom:


1. Set your standards!

One sure way to begin the process of achieving that success in the classroom is to set your standards—and adhere to them! As you begin a new year or new session, take the time to share or review your expectations. If you know what those expectations are, create a poster and have it ready to share. Go over them, line by line, to address scenarios and questions. Take the time to practice the actions to address the expectations, modeling—or having the class model—what you expect. For instance, if one of your expectations is “Follow directions the first time they are given,” make sure you take the time to give a direction and have them follow it. At the start, keep it simple, but have the class model an expected behavior many times. Acknowledge their great behavior!


2. Catch ’em being good!

Refrain from focusing on your troublemakers. They most often just want your attention, and trouble is the way they’ve discovered, in some classrooms, they can get it. “Beatrice, cut that out!” doesn’t fit well into a well-managed classroom. Instead, when you give a direction and ask for it to be carried out, acknowledge the students following it! This simple step gives the much-wanted classroom attention to the positive leaders and takes the spotlight off the behavior you don’t want. “Great job, Beatrice! I love the way you’re….” Simple but effective!


3. “Welcome back!”

You may recall (or have heard) the Cheech and Chong routine from the 70s with Sister Mary Elephant. In a noisy classroom the teacher calls out, “Class… Class…Class… SHUT UP!” It caused a chuckle for their audiences, but touched a nerve with classroom teachers. It seems too many remembered that type of classroom management strategy from their past! How does a classroom teacher get a plethora of pupils to focus quickly and effectively? Try this: Come up with a catch phrase and response from the students that you’re comfortable with. Share the call and response that will be expected it, then model and practice it! One of my favorites is when I call out, “Welcome back!” the students respond, “It’s great to be back!” After small group activities, think-pair-share work, and the like, this strategy can focus your room in a moment!

Enjoy your classroom. I know you’ll manage!

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