Student-created raps are a great way for students to consolidate what they’ve learned. They can be used to review for weekly quizzes, midterms, or other tests and assessments. Raps are also a good way to help students review material to help them meet state and national goals and standards.

This rap is about students’ excitement on the first day of school or the beginning of the year in general. It’s a great conversation starter and a nice way to introduce the school year.

First Day Rap50999co

by Dona Herweck Rice


Look out world,

Here I come,

Ready to learn and have some fun!


Shoes on my feet,

Thoughts in my head,

Pencil’s been sharpened and my tummy’s been fed.


Desks are ready,

Shiny and clean,

For the most curious kids ever seen.


Teacher at the doors

Saying hello,

Students lined up, ready to go.


It’s a brand new day,

It’s a brand new year!

Come on, class, it’s time to cheer!


Hip hip hoorah!

Hip hip hooray!

A brand new school year starts today!


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