Rejuvenate This Summer Through Reading

Shelly Buchanan is a lover of books—both well loved titles and new ones waiting to be discovered.  As a teacher and librarian, this summer Shelly’s shelves are stacked with summer friends—the kind one can only find in books!

Rejuvenate This Summer Through Reading

Summer is for reading. We teachers know that. After spending the last weeks of the school year scrambling to motivate students in the development of some kind of summer reading plan, let’s pause now to reflect upon our own summer reading plans. As much as our students need to grow as readers and thinkers, we also need to rejuvenate through exploration of new and favorite authors. Let’s face it, our classrooms during the school year are only as good as their leaders. At the beginning of the school year, renewed teachers are ready to expertly guide students for nine months straight!

Summer Reading List for Educators My bookshelves are bursting and my bedside table is buried in all kinds of titles, educational and otherwise. If you are an educator looking to jump on this book-bursting bandwagon, read on for some potential titles for your summer bag.

An Ethic for Excellence
For those interested in developing a more positive and communicative classroom, pick up Ron Berger’s An Ethic of Excellence. This slim volume holds much to be considered about why many of us originally devoted ourselves to teaching children in the first place: to guide students joyfully and deeply to engage in work that matters.

Another inspiring must-read for educators and parents, and really anyone interested in personal growth, is Carol Dweck’s Mindset. A Stanford psychologist and researcher, Dweck deftly examines strategies that lead people of all ages and abilities to achievement and success, and shows how maintaining a growth mindset gives every advantage for doing so. With a growth mindset, students can cultivate a love of learning and the perseverance necessary for significant accomplishment.

The Book Whisperer
Donalyn Miller turns her most reluctant and low-achieving readers into book lovers who come to know the joy and power of reading. She tells the story of her work in her self-contained 6th grade classroom in the powerful and practical book, The Book Whisperer. Miller guides her students towards reading (an average of 40 books a year!) with high-interest texts and individual choice in a completely unpredictable and infectious independent reading program. Who can resist that, I ask you? Enjoy Donalyn’s fresh and passionate voice, as she details her travels with students to reading success.

The 5 Dimensions and How Children Succeed
Two new titles on my desk that I look forward to are The 5 Dimensions of Engaged Teaching: A Practical Guide for Educators by Laura Weaver and Marker Wilding and How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity and the Hidden Power of Character by Paul Tough. The 5 Dimensions focuses on the social, emotional, and academic needs of students that can be met through thoughtfully conceived student-centered environments, where positive relationships and healthy habits are championed. How Children Succeed is for anyone interested in the best ways to support children in developing character and resilience, which Tough isolates as critical for growing into adulthood with satisfying and successful lives.

Bringing Joy Back into the Classroom
Acclaimed speaker and author Danny Brassell couples his strong teacher know-how with humor and, yes, joy to inspire both new and seasoned educators in Bringing Joy Back into the Classroom. Filled with anecdotes and stories, the book will remind every educator of the intrinsic rewards of teaching and the powerful role they play as joyful models in this endeavor.

Your Turn!
We want to hear from you!  If you have favorite titles to share or ones you are excited to read, share them with us here. We look forward to it!


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