Thank You, Teacher! Students Share their Words of Appreciation

Thank You, Teacher! Students Share their Words of Appreciation

It’s a winning combination: teachers and students. Right about now, schools everywhere are showing appreciation for their teachers with all sorts of tributes and celebrations. We thought, what better time to hear from students at each of the promoting or graduating levels to share their thought about their teachers! Here’s what a promoting kindergartner, two promoting sixth-graders, one promoting eighth grader, and two graduating seniors want you to know. These are love letters to their teachers, teachers just like you.

Logan A., Kindergarten: I like that teachers help kids to learn a lot of stuff like the alphabet and hard words. I like that teachers can help kids do lots of crafts like rainbows and kites. Teachers help you get ready for the other classes. Teachers have love for kids.

Natalia E., 6th grade: When I started school back in September, I was so nervous! I was unsure if I could keep up with the rest of my classmates, and I was going to have a brand new teacher. Mrs. Vargas has been truly amazing. This past year has been the most exciting. I've learned lots from her. I have always struggled in class to keep up. I never could get on honor roll, but Mrs. Vargas taught me in a way I understood. I finally made honor roll the past two trimesters! Mrs. Vargas has shown me how to be a better student. She is a kind and wonderful teacher and I'm so grateful to have her as my 6th grade teacher.

Becca S., 6th grade: My favorite teacher is one who always encouraged me and told me I WILL accomplish something if it's really my dream. She took her time to teach us and help us so that we could have the life and jobs we want. Ms. Haggerty knew what I wanted to do with my life, and she always told me I could do it. If that's what I wanted to be, that's what I could be. Any time in school, when I didn't understand something, she would individually help me learn it on her own time. She always gave her time no matter what. I'm so glad she was my teacher!  

Katie H., 8th grade: Teachers influence their students every day in many different ways, encouraging them to be better people, pursue their dreams, and succeed in school and life. Throughout my school years, teachers have become friends, guiding me through life. My second grade teacher, Mrs. Kirk, is one of the kindest people I know. She also helped me realize my knack for creativity through writing and school plays. After that, I moved on to Mrs. Callahan's class. Mrs. Callahan is no longer with us, but she has impacted me by teaching me to embrace my brains and to accept all kinds of people. Looking back, all my teachers have influenced me, but my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Allen, has had the biggest impact. She's helped me pursue my passions in the arts and continues to support me in many ways. All my teachers have planted seeds in my life that I hold very dear to my heart.

Raymundo R., 12th grade: As I say my goodbyes to high school, I have made note of a few things. The list ranges from not forgetting a pencil at home to befriending your teachers for the sake of your grades! But these miniscule tips on how to get through school are just a small piece of the puzzle. There is one big piece that is extremely important to students. The most important thing that I have gotten from high school is the interactions you have with your teachers. As someone who grew up learning "what not to do" instead of having a role model, I have really come to appreciate my teachers. There are two in particular whom I want to take the time to praise. I want to thank Carol McCance and Amanda Herrera. Mrs. McCance was my theatre arts and choir teacher from my freshman year of high school until she retired my junior year. She held my hand through high school. She appreciated me as who I was: another person, not just another student. She taught me to be a nice person, to treat others how you want to be treated. She introduced me to the idea that one good thing a day can cancel a millions bad things. The list doesn't stop there; she opened my eyes to the wonders of looking through a different perspective. Amanda Herrera was also my theatre arts and choir teacher. Ms. Herrera was the theatre arts teacher who took over after Mrs. McCance retired. She took a younger‚ but equally interesting‚ perspective on life. She helped me explore the love I had for music, and helped me determine who I want to be. High school is great, but I couldn't have gotten through it without these two women. I don't consider them my teachers, because they stopped being that a long time ago‚ they have become more like family. Their acknowledgement of me got me through the day. I graduate in a few weeks and I anticipate what is to come. I may not have been the best academically, but I head into the real world with what it takes to be an adult.

Selena C., 12th grade: We live in a society where teachers are completely underappreciated, yet they touch the minds of our younger generations and push us to grow. Without a doubt, each and every one of my teachers has added to my growth as an individual. Throughout my school years, I have been emotionally touched and moved by each of my educators‚ from the knowledge and advice they have given me to allowing me to make their classrooms a second home two hours past the final bell. As a scholar, I have always lived under high expectations and have often allowed that pressure to hinder me. Thankfully, my teachers saw a light in me when I felt at my darkest, and they constantly pushed and encouraged me to produce the level of work they knew I could. I was truthfully blessed with the most talented and amazing teachers who always challenged my current view of life and taught me to never be satisfied with life as is‚ because we can always gain more. As my K-12 years come to an end, I know I am prepared to take on whatever path I choose, not only because of the knowledge I am leaving with, but also because of the empowerment and passion I am taking with me. My teachers have consistently encouraged me to stay empowered, to make my own decisions, to never default on my personal power‚ to stay hungry. I will remain endlessly thankful to all the teachers who have been with me and moved me thus far, and I am sure those I will meet in college will fall into this path as well.


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Dona Herweck Rice, Former Editor-in-Chief for TCM

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