Chocolate? Always good. Sleeping in? Heavenly. A cool breeze on a hot summer’s day? Hits the spot. But reading?

Now, that’s the good stuff!

Why? We can offer you three great reasons why reading is quite possibly the greatest thing ever.

It’s Free!

There are literally millions of texts that are there for the reading, right at your fingertips. Not so with all other forms of art! To see the Mona Lisa, you must travel to Paris and pay the entry fee into the Louvre. To see the Taj Mahal, you must make your way to India, pay your entrance, and step only where allowed to tread. And whether Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, or The Wiggles, that concert is going to cost you. But to read the works of the masters through time and the present day? Nothing. Zero. Nada. Zippo. Right now, if you want to read a current NY bestseller, the daily news, an encyclopedic account of the history of cornflakes, or Act II, scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, you can simply walk into your local library and read. Extraordinary! And that doesn’t account for the ever-expanding number of texts you can access online right this minute, no money down. And how about the print-rich world we live in? Informational signs, menus, pamphlets, and more are there just for you, the reader, to read! You can read anytime, anywhere, anything. You have the power.

It Makes You Good Looking!

Reading is a pleasure. It soothes the mind and heart. What pleases and soothes supports a person’s wellbeing. What supports a person’s wellbeing relaxes the muscles and releases tension. Relaxation brings happiness. And a happy person is certainly much better looking than a tense, dissatisfied person. So, it stands to reason that reading makes a person good looking. Who can argue with that logic?

There’s No Down Side!

What happens when you read? One or more of several things can happen:

  • You learn something.
  • You’re entertained.
  • You’re enlightened.
  • You’re comforted.
  • You’re inspired.
  • You’re energized.
  • You’re challenged.
  • You grow.

Downside? Not a thing.

Reading—it’s only up from here!