Reignite student interest and  close the learning gap.


Exploring Reading

Bring students back up to grade level in a short amount of time with our flexible and comprehensive intervention program. Exploring Reading introduces, reinforces, or remediates the most vital comprehension skills for student success. This resource gives students opportunities to read, write, speak, and listen with powerful, relevant texts. Teachers are equipped with supporting resources to build knowledge of vocabulary, while teaching essential comprehension skills. Applying these valuable tools and strategies, students will emerge as confident, strong, and independent readers.

Exploring Reading Highlights

  • Improve key reading skills and build language proficiency through activities from the full-color Student Guided Practice Book.

  • Easily fit a lesson into a manageable 30-minute session each day.

  • Implement in small-group or whole-group instructional settings.

  • Streamline teacher prep time and meet state standards for reading and writing

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