Identify learning gaps. Target your instruction. Build students' confidence. Watch them succeed.

Meet students where they are at and tackle the impact of learning loss immediately. Designed with flexibility in mind, our reading and mathematics intervention resources can be used at home, online, or in the classroom. Literacy and math games are available in both print and digital formats to motivate and engage students and guide them toward independent skills application. Through practice with these evidence- and standard-based resources, witness students accelerate and rise back up to grade level expectations.

Focused Reading
Intervention Highlights

Bridge the gap between struggling and proficient readers through focused instruction of literacy skills and comprehension strategies.

  • Improve key reading skills by focusing on reading comprehension, fluency, word recognition, academic vocabulary, and phonics through fiction and nonfiction texts
  • Full-color Student Guided Practice Book reinforces key skills and knowledge through high-interest reading passages and activities
  • Apply differentiation strategies to meet the needs of on-, above-, and below-level learners

Focused Mathematics Intervention Highlights

Reinforce key mathematical concepts and strike the balance between students' conceptual knowledge and procedural understanding.

  • Students will learn how to be active math learners through explicit instruction of mathematical strategies through a strategic progression of math topics
  • The full-color Student Guided Practice features mathematical practices that teach students key skills and how to be active math learners
  • Math in the Real World concept tasks build students' real-world problem-solving skills
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