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Praise for The Principal's Survival Guide

“Comprehensive and insightful—this book has it all.”—Jayne Ellspermann, 2015 NASSP National Principal of the Year, West Port High School, Ocala, Florida

“As a first-year principal, I often find myself asking these very questions. Reading this book has given me affirmations and added tools for my administrative toolbox. This book should be given as an accompaniment with the keys when you are assigned as the executive principal to a school.”—Miriam Harrington, Ed.S., principal, Jere Baxter Middle School in Nashville, Tennessee

“This book is eye opening, easy to read, and quickly implemented. I will recommend this book to every beginning principal for years to come. It immediately sets the tone for your new role. With so many things to learn and decisions to make, this book is a great resource to help guide your daily, monthly, and year-long goals. If you have questions about teacher relations; how to document; what to document; communicating with parents, students, and teachers; and what not to communicate, this is the book for you. I wish [it] had been available three years ago when I got my first head principal job.”—Carmon Brown, principal, Simon Youth Academy at Opry Mills, Nashville, Tennessee

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