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American Indians of the Plains: Surviving the Great Expanse

  • Age Range: 9-18
  • Grade: 4-5
  • Lexile: 620L
  • Guided Reading Level: S
  • Interest Level: 4-12
  • Reading Level: 4.6
  • ISBN: 9781480756724
  • Language: English
  • Dewey: 978.004
  • Pages: 32
Highlight some of the fascinating aspects of life on the Plains with the American Indians of the Plains: Surviving the Great Expanse e-Book. Students will explore different facets of Plains culture, including the importance of buffalo in everyday life - as their source of food, clothing, homes, weapons, and many other things. This informational text takes a look at some of the distinctive features of the Lakota, Cheyenne, Comanche, Pawnee, Osage, Omaha, and Crow tribes. Ignite a curiosity with this nonfiction reader that breathes life into the pages of history with real-life artifacts from that era.
  • Build literacy and social studies content knowledge
  • Appropriately leveled content provides access to every type of learner
  • Includes text features such as captions, bold print, glossary, and index to increase understanding and build academic vocabulary
  • Aligned to McREL, WIDA/TESOL, NCSS/C3 Framework and other state standards, this text readies students for college and career readiness
Retail Price: $9.99 /ea
School Library Price: $7.49/ea
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