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Common Core Grade 3 Collection of 40 Books

  • Age Range: 5-13
  • Grade: 1-5
  • Lexile: 420L-920L
  • Guided Reading Level: K-W
  • Interest Level: K-7
  • Reading Level: 2.6
  • Item: 21163
  • ISBN: 9781480741638
  • Language: English

The selected titles in this 40-book Grade 3 collection provide students with an opportunity to gain adequate exposure to a range of appropriately complex texts and are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Titles include (titles may vary):

  • How to Survive in the Jungle by the Person Who Knows (Fiction)
  • Around the World in Twenty-Eight Pages (Fiction)
  • Felix and His Flying Machine (Fiction)
  • Race to the Moon (Fiction)
  • Coyote: A Trickster Tale (Fiction)
  • Ms. Wilde and Oscar (Fiction)
  • Pipeline News (Fiction)
  • Red Goes Green (Fiction)
  • Five Cents Worth (Fiction)
  • A Baseball Giant (Fiction)
  • Government Leaders Then and Now (Social Studies)
  • George Washington (Social Studies)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. (Social Studies)
  • Nelson Mandela: Leading the Way (Social Studies)
  • Christopher Columbus (Social Studies)
  • Markets Around the World (Social Studies)
  • Sweet: Inside a Bakery (Math)
  • Natural Measures (Math)
  • Getting Ready to Camp (Math)
  • The Bake Sale (Math)
  • Shapes Around You (Math)
  • Our Vacation Budget (Math)
  • Collecting Data (Math)
  • Reading the Newspaper (Math)
  • Building Houses (Math)
  • Looking at Maps (Math)
  • Timing Races (Math)
  • The World of Trade (Math)
  • How Toys Work (Math, Science)
  • Mammal Mania (Science)
  • Take Off! All About Airplanes (Science)
  • Blast Off to Space Camp (Science)
  • Space Exploration (Science)
  • Jane Goodall (Science)
  • Earthquakes (Science)
  • Pioneers of Light and Sound (Science)
  • Eat Healthy (Science)
  • Pioneering Ecologists (Science)
  • Max Planck: Uncovering the World of Matter (Science)
  • Healthy Habits, Healthy You (Science)
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