Early Childhood Concepts Spanish Set: Grades PreK-2

  • Age Range: 3-8
  • Grade: PK-K
  • Interest Level: PK-2
  • Item: 16088
  • ISBN: 9781433350887
  • Language: Spanish

Fun to explore, these 16-page books, translated into Spanish, have vivid illustrations to support text designed specifically for early childhood readers' unique needs, abilities, and interests. This set features 15 titles including (titles may vary):

  • Que tipo de tiempo (What Kind of Weather?)
  • Yo soy especial (Special Me)
  • Puedo hacer cualquier cosa (I Can Be Anything)
  • Los hogares de los animales (Animal Homes)
  • Si fuera un árbol (If I Were a Tree)
  • Usa tu cerebro (Use Your Brain)
  • ¿Qué hace un abuelo? (What Makes a Grandparent)
  • En marcha (On The Go)
  • Veo una figura (Do You See a Shape?)
  • Veo colores (I See Colors)
  • Canta una cancion de numeros (Sing a Numbers Song)
  • Listos para construir (Ready to Build)
  • Escuela de ninos grandes (Big Kid School)
  • Estadounidense de todo a todo (American Through and Through)
  • Delicioso y nutritivo (Delicious and Nutritious)