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Early Childhood Concepts Spanish Set: Grades PreK-2

  • Age Range: 4-6
  • Grade: PK-K
  • Interest Level: PK-1
  • Item: 16088
  • ISBN: 9781433350887
  • Language: Spanish

Fun to explore, these 16- page books, translated into Spanish, have vivid illustrations to support text designed specifically for early childhood readers' unique needs, abilities, and interests. This set features 15 titles including:

  • Que tipo de tiempo (What Kind of Weather?)
  • Yo soy especial (Special Me)
  • Puedo hacer cualquier cosa (I Can Be Anything)
  • Los hogares de los animales (Animal Homes)
  • Si fuera un árbol (If I Were a Tree)
  • Usa tu cerebro (Use Your Brain)
  • ¿Qué hace un abuelo? (What Makes a Grandparent)
  • En marcha (On The Go)
  • Veo una figura (Do You See a Shape?)
  • Veo colores (I See Colors)
  • Canta una cancion de numeros (Sing a Numbers Song)
  • Listos para construir (Ready to Build)
  • Escuela de ninos grandes (Big Kid School)
  • Estadounidense de todo a todo (American Through and Through)
  • Delicioso y nutritivo (Delicious and Nutritious)
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