Mathematics Readers: Grade 1 Spanish 6-Pack Collection

  • Age Range: 5-9
  • Grade: 1
  • Lexile: 320L-570L
  • Guided Reading Level: J-O
  • Interest Level: K-3
  • Subject: Mathematics
  • Reading Level: 0.2
  • Item: 21322
  • ISBN: 9781480743229
  • Language: Spanish
  • Dewey: 510
  • Pages: 32

Introduce young readers to real-world mathematical concepts with this collection of 16 books. Students will want to learn math and will be engaged from cover to cover. Each book in this collection Features vibrant images, easy-to-read text, multiple mathematical concepts, high-interest nonfiction text, a problem-solving activity, supporting graphics, highlighted content-area vocabulary, and "Let's Explore Math" sidebars. Six copies of each title plus lesson plans are included and the titles include:

  • Formemos figuras (Shaping Up)
  • Celebremos los 100 días (Celebrate 100 Days)
  • ¡Es hora de festejar! (Party Time!)
  • Favoritos (Favorites)
  • En busca de las figuras (Looking for Shapes)
  • Una noche en el centro comunitario (Night at the Community Center)
  • Un día de nuestras vidas (A Day in Our Lives)
  • ¡Juguemos! (Let's Play!)
  • De compras por la ciudad (Shopping in the City)
  • Música de todo el mundo (Music Around the World)
  • Un año de nuestras vidas (A Year in Our Lives)
  • Un día en el zoológico (Day at the Zoo)
  • Niños artesanos (Crafty Kids)
  • ¡Sonríe! Vamos al dentista (Smile! A Trip to the Dentist)
  • El refugio para animales de la calle Main (Main Street Animal Shelter)
  • Una montaña de basura (A Mountain of Trash)