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More Consonants, Blends, and Digraphs 6-Pack Collection

  • Age Range: 4-7
  • Grade: PK-1
  • Lexile: BR
  • Guided Reading Level: B-C
  • Interest Level: PK-2
  • Subject: Reading
  • Reading Level: 1.1
  • ISBN: 9781480742345
  • Language: English
  • Dewey: 810
  • Pages: 12

Featuring vivid photographs to capture reader interest and to continue building reading skills, the titles in this 6-Pack collection include the more difficult consonants, the highest utility consonant blends, and the four most common consonant digraphs. This 126-book collection includes six copies of each title plus lesson plans. Titles include:

  • My Q Words
  • My V Words
  • My X Words
  • My Y Words
  • My Z Words
  • My Bl Words
  • My Br Words
  • My Cl Words
  • My Cr Words
  • My Fl Words
  • My Fr Words
  • My Gr Words
  • My Pl Words
  • My Sl Words
  • My Sn Words
  • My Sp Words
  • My St Words
  • My Ch Words
  • My Sh Words
  • My Th Words
  • My Wh Words

Retail Price: $671.79 /ea
School Library Price: $671.79/ea
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