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Primary Source Readers: Harlem Renaissance

  • Age Range: 7-14
  • Grade: 3-8
  • Interest Level: 3-8
  • Item: 28118E
  • ISBN: 9781425834470
  • Language: English
  • Dewey: 973.0496073
  • Pages: 32

This item is estimated to be available in September 2019. Please contact customer service at 800-858-7339 to pre-order.

In the early 1900s, a new era dawned for African Americans. An explosion of art, literature, and music swept the nation. In Harlem, New York, it was especially evident. This cultural renaissance caught the attention of the country and the world. Breathe life into the pages of history with this primary source reader that focuses on the Harlem Renaissance.

  • Build content knowledge across multiple social studies disciplines
  • Text features include a Reader's Guide, side bars, table of contents, glossary, and index to increase comprehension and academic vocabulary
  • Your Turn! activity extends learning and challenges students to use higher-order thinking skills
  • Leveled text accommodates below-level, above-level, and English language learners
  • Aligns to state standards and readies students for college and career
Retail Price: $10.99
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