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STEM Grade 3 6-Pack Collection

  • Age Range: 6-12
  • Grade: 2-4
  • Lexile: 550L-760L
  • Guided Reading Level: L-S
  • Interest Level: 1-6
  • Subject: Science
  • Reading Level: 1.6
  • Item: 21162
  • ISBN: 9781480741621
  • Language: English

This Grade 3 Collection includes 33 titles and pulls together informational text for math, science, technology, and engineering. You'll receive 6 copies and a lesson plan for each title. That's 198 books total! Books in this collection feature engaging formats that include supporting graphics, key vocabulary, a problem-solving activity or lab, and sidebars. Titles include:

  • Getting Ready to Camp (Math)
  • What Is in the Attic? (Math)
  • World Markets (Math)
  • Our Garden in the City (Science, Math)
  • What Are Budgets? (Math)
  • Our Vacation Budget (Math)
  • Natural Measures (Math)
  • My Lemonade Stand (Math)
  • Tracking Time (Math)
  • Timing Races (Math)
  • Shapes in Our World (Math)
  • Reading the Newspaper (Math)
  • Hosting the Olympic Summer Games (Math)
  • Patterns Around Us (Math)
  • Looking at Maps (Math)
  • Journeys: Land, Air, Sea (Math)
  • Our Earth (Science)
  • Outer Space (Science)
  • The Solar System (Science)
  • Look Inside: Your Brain (Science)
  • Look Inside: Your Skeleton and Muscles (Science)
  • Look Inside: Your Heart and Lungs (Science)
  • Zoom! How Cars Move (Science, Technology)
  • All Aboard! How Trains Work (Science)
  • Take Off! All About Airplanes (Science)
  • Mammal Mania (Science)
  • Slithering Reptiles and Amphibians (Science)
  • Incredible Invertebrates (Science)
  • Blast Off to Space Camp (Science)
  • How Amusement Parks Work (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  • Cell Scientists: Discovering How Cells Work (Science)
  • The Quest for Personal Best: Individual Sports (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  • The Quest for Speed: Vehicles (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

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