TIME FOR KIDS® Nonfiction Readers: Early Fluent 6-Pack Collection

Retail Price: $1199.70
School Library Price: $1199.70
  • Age Range: 6-10
  • Grade: 2
  • Lexile: 390L-780L
  • Guided Reading Level: I-M
  • Interest Level: 1-4
  • Subject: Reading
  • Reading Level: 2.0
  • Item: 21242
  • ISBN: 9781480742420
  • Language: English

Find out what life is like in the rainforest, uncover the secrets of the human brain, step into the shoes of three inspiring individuals, and more with this 6-Pack collection. Supplement your reading program, build your classroom library, and enhance your intervention program with high-interest nonfiction leveled books. These colorful books feature content from TIME FOR KIDS®, with themes from science, mathematics, and social studies. Children will want to read these books that include familiar concepts, high-interest content, and a variety of colorful graphics. This 180-book collection includes six copies of each title plus lesson plans. The titles in this collection include:

  • A Visit to a Car Factory
  • A Visit to a Farm
  • A Visit to a Marine Base
  • Next Stop: Canada
  • Next Stop Mexico
  • Next Stop: The Caribbean
  • Earthquakes!
  • Tornadoes and Hurricanes!
  • Volcanoes!
  • Eagles Up Close
  • Horses Up Close
  • Snakes Up Close
  • Craft It: Hand-Blown Glass
  • Build It: Skyscrapers
  • Make It: Chocolate
  • Step into the Forest
  • Step into the Desert
  • Step into the Rainforest
  • Our Earth
  • Outer Space
  • The Solar System
  • Look Inside: Your Brain
  • Look Inside: Your Skeleton and Muscles
  • Look Inside: Your Heart and Lungs
  • Count Me In! School Carnival
  • Count Me In! Soccer Tournament
  • Count Me In! What's for Lunch?
  • George Washington
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Susan B. Anthony