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Early Childhood Themes


This comprehensive early childhood curriculum has everything you need to engage and challenge your youngest learners.

  • Bolster language development through wordless photo books, traditional song or nursery rhyme books, and concept books.
  • Provide students with easy-to-read text with a "lap size" version of each book.
  • Improve young readers' basic vocabulary skills with vocabulary concept cards.
  • Give students a model of fluent reading with Audio Recordings of each book.
  • Create blended learning opportunities with interactive whiteboard activities.
  • Easily implement each kit with an accompanying Teacher's Guide.
  • Provide teachers with digital resources with the accompanying Teacher Resource CD.
  • Check out our Early Childhood bundles that include kits from this series.

In the Classroom

  1. Teacher-friendly.
  2. Developmentally-appropriate lessons.
  3. Targets key early childhood content areas.
  4. Multiple modalities.

Perfect Mix

Modify instruction and engage students with songs, recorded text, videos, and interactive whiteboard activities.

Perfect Mix
In Action

In Action

See how Early Childhood Themes from Teacher Created Materials inspire young learners!

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