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Exploring Reading


This effective intervention program will help students stay on track with relevant, high-interest content.

  • Implement quickly and easily in a variety of instructional settings with standards-based lesson plans and flexible pacing plans.
  • Key comprehension strategies and essential questions are explored through compelling leveled nonfiction readers and Text Cards from TIME For Kids®, and literature units with instructional guides.
  • Reinforce key skills in a literacy-rich environment with full-color Student Guided Practice Books and comprehension strategy posters for the classroom .
  • Assess student learning and track progress with a variety of assessments.
  • Support culturally and linguistically diverse students and English language learners using the instruction options included in each lesson.
  • Use Interactiv-eBook multimedia tools and resources to support student independence.

In the Classroom

  1. High-interest level-appropriate fiction and nonficion text.
  2. Variety of text types and lengths.
  3. Variety of instructional settings.
  4. Abstract connections across content areas and genres.

Perfect Mix

Use Interactiv-eBooks and additional digital resources to enhance the reading experience and integrate purposeful technology.

Perfect Mix
Educator Approved

Educator Approved

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