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Primary Source Readers Content and Literacy


Featuring research and standards-based resources, this series was designed by Teacher Created Materials to provide teachers with the perfect mix of social studies content to help students understand events from history while building social studies literacy.

  • Differentiate instruction, develop academic vocabulary, and increase comprehension of influential historical events with paired books connected by a similar theme.
  • Plan instruction easily and efficiently by utilizing intricate timelines provided for each unit paired standards-based learning objectives and engaging reading and writing activities outlined in the Teacher's Guide.
  • Gain insight into students' learning through assessment options provided in the Teacher's Guide.
  • Increase student engagement by integrating technology into instruction with audio files of each book to model fluent reading, Interactiv-eBooks, and additional digital resources.

In the Classroom

  1. Variety of differentiated texts.
  2. Document-based assessments.
  3. Content-area literacy instruction.
  4. Multimodal learning.

Perfect Mix

Use Interactiv-eBooks and additional digital resources to modify the reading experience.

Perfect Mix
In Action

In Action

Discover Primary Source Readers: Content and Literacy in Social Studies from Teacher Created Materials!

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