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Primary Source Readers Focus On


These unique kits from Teacher Created Materials allow for differentiation, address college and career readiness standards, and provide teachers with all they need to easily implement the program.

  • Pair differentiated readers with 16 books written at two reading levels that connect to a common theme.
  • Easily implement pre-planned accompanying teacher lessons included in the Teacher's Guide.
  • Utilize PDFs of books, primary sources to support texts, and student reproducibles on the Digital Resource CD.
  • Provide additional opportunities for students to interact with text in meaningful, purposeful ways with engaging Interactiv-eBooks.
  • Captivate students with professional recordings of books included on the Audio CD.

In the Classroom

  1. Variety of differentiated texts.
  2. Document-based assessments.
  3. Content-area literacy instruction.
  4. Multimodal learning.

Perfect Mix

Use Interactiv-eBooks and additional digital resources to modify the reading experience.

Perfect Mix
In Action

In Action

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