Targeted Phonics


Thoroughly implement this phonics program with ease with a variety of helpful components.

  • Engage early readers with books with decodable text.
  • Create a blended learning environment with the Interactiv-eBooks DVD.
  • Provide additional practice opportunities with the Student Guided Practice Book.
  • Utilize coordinated early childhood lessons included in the Teacher's Guide.
  • Track progress through the extensive assessment opportunities provided in the Assessment Guide.
  • Access digital resources included on the Teacher Resource CDs.
  • Check out our Early Childhood bundles that include kits from this series.

In the Classroom

  1. Decodable, high-interest text.
  2. Engaging and vibrant visuals, photos, and illustrations.
  3. Differentiation activities.
  4. Rich support for oral language development.

Perfect Mix

Use Interactiv-eBooks and additional digital resources to modify the reading experience.

Perfect Mix
Educator Approved

Educator Approved

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