Building School and Home Connections: Grade 8 Kit

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  • Grade: 8
  • Interest Level: 8
  • ISBN: 9781433352973
  • Language: English

Get parents and teachers working together to increase student achievement by strengthening the connection between school and home through the cohesive, dynamic activities included in this kit. The dynamic resources in this kit offer guidance across the board through a Management Book, Teacher's Guide, Parent Guide, and digital resources. With these complementary guides, teachers can provide ideas and supporting materials to continually get parents involved in reinforcing what students are learning in class. Everyone will be involved in increasing student achievement, thus giving children the best environment to learn and thrive both at home and at school. This kit is also compatible with additional Spanish Parent Guides, making it supportive of linguistically diverse populations. Team up and get your kids learning!

Building School and Home Connections for Every Child's Success: Grade 8 Complete Kit includes:

  • Teacher's Guides (3 copies included)
  • Parent Guides (single copy each in English and Spanish, additional copies can be ordered)
  • Management Book
  • Family Involvement DVD
  • Digital resources with teacher materials and student reproducibles in English and Spanish

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Series highlights include:

  • Teacher's Guides: 3 copies to share with other grade level teachers
  • Parent Guides: single copies in English and Spanish; additional copies can be ordered
  • Management Book includes ideas to get families involved in school and community-building activities
  • Digital resources for the teacher and parents, including motivational videos and reproducibles
Building School and Home Connections: Grade 8 Kit

Teacher's Guide

Provides engaging and easy-to-implement activities teachers can use to connect with parents, the resources to do so, and the motivation to try something new. Each grade-level Teacher's Guide includes:

  • Back-to-School ideas and tips to help teachers initiate and establish a strong connection with parents.
  • Suggestions on how to maintain a strong and productive relationship with parents throughout the school year.
  • Ideas on how to facilitate parent conferences and how to efficiently communicate with parents regarding difficult topics.
  • Tips on how to have a successful open house and maximize parent involvement.
  • Ways to utilize parent volunteers in the classroom.
  • Ideas and supporting materials for effective family-night activities centered around content areas.

Teacher's Guide

Parent Guides

Each full-color Parent Guide is provided in both English and Spanish and is designed for each student to receive a personal copy of the appropriate level and includes:

  • Tips, ideas, and fun activities to help parents support their children's education at school and in the home.
  • Ways parents can improve communication with their children at each stage of development.
  • Ideas for turning everyday actions into learning opportunities and practicing important life skills.

Management Book

The Management Book is intended for the person who coordinates school wide efforts with parents.

  • Provides ways the school as a whole can promote parental involvement in their children's education.
  • Includes the research-base that shows how parent involvement can increase student achievement.
  • Helps schools develop consistent, sustainable school-wide parent-involvement activities and strategies.
  • Organizes staff development with ideas to best utilize and increase parent participation at the school.

Management Book

Digital Resources

The Digital resources make it easy to implement this resource. Reproducibles for teachers, students, and families include:

  • Templates for family-night and activities
  • Family lesson reproducibles
  • Family homework
  • PDFs of Parent Guide


The Family Involvement Videos were created to provide useful and motivational tips for both parents and teachers. Danny Brassell, Ph.D., an expert in increasing student achievement, provides teacher-tested activities and techniques that have been used to bring parents into the classroom. These suggestions aim to incorporate parents alongside the teacher and empower parents to be active participants in their children's education.

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