Document-Based Assessment Activities, 2nd Edition

  • Grade: K-12
  • Item: 116869
  • ISBN: 9780743964371

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Today's students need opportunities to evaluate sources and use evidence to support their conclusions. This K-12 resource provides both instructional support for teachers as well as a myriad of differentiated learning opportunities for students. Through the activities in this book, students will ask and answer compelling questions, analyze primary sources, approach learning through an inquiry lens, and hone their historical thinking skills. Features include:

  • Activities are varied and interesting for all learners to keep students engaged
  • The lessons teach skills and strategies for analyzing historical documents, partnered with document-based assessments
  • Graphic organizer templates help students structure their analyses
  • Prepare students for standardized tests and engage students with inquiry
  • Scaffolded approach to teaching analysis skills can be applied across grades K-12
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