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El inventor: Benjamin Franklin (The Inventor: Benjamin Franklin) 6-Pack

  • Grade: 3
  • Guided Reading Level: K-Q
  • Item: 24348
  • ISBN: 9781493823482
  • Language: Spanish

Act out the story of famous inventor and statesman, Benjamin Franklin! This historical script translated in Spanish takes readers on a journey with the curious Benjamin as he experiments with electricity, goes to London to fight for colonists' rights, and helps with the Constitution of the United States. The six roles in this script are written at different reading levels, supporting differentiation and English language learner strategies. Teachers can easily implement these strategies by assigning specific roles to their students in a way that accommodates readers of all levels. An accompanying song and poem give readers exciting additional opportunities to engage in the story and build fluency. Spanish-speaking students will also practice other important skills like reading aloud, working with others, and using expressive voices and gestures while performing this story together. All the features in this colorful script make it the perfect tool for a diverse classroom of learners to practice repeated reading and fluency! This 6-Pack includes six copies of this title.

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