Exploring Nonfiction: A Differentiated Content-Area Reading Program: Secondary Set

  • Grade: 6-8
  • Interest Level: 6-8
  • Item: 11858
  • ISBN: 9781433308581
  • Language: English

Develop fundamental reading, writing, and critical-thinking skills described throughout the Common Core State Standards with these engaging nonfiction kits. These Level 6-8 kits provide secondary students with a dynamic range of differentiated nonfiction text, relevant language-development activities, and opportunities to use multiple strategies to process text. Each standards-based lesson helps students improve key nonfiction reading skills and strategies and offers differentiation options for above-level, below-level, and English language support, ensuring that everyone can be involved and feel successful. The 80 different text cards in each kit cover a variety of content areas, including Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, and are available in digital format to support whole-class instruction and independent student work. With the help of these nonfiction reading kits, students will be able to better monitor comprehension, read closely, activate and connect, summarize and synthesize, visualize, and infer meaning.

Exploring Nonfiction: Secondary Set includes:

  • Exploring Nonfiction: Level 6
  • Exploring Nonfiction: Level 7
  • Exploring Nonfiction: Level 8

Retail Price: $1799.97
School Library Price: $1649.97
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