Focused Reading Intervention: Texas Edition: Level 6 Kit

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  • Grade: 6
  • Interest Level: 5-8
  • Item: 85207
  • ISBN: 9781425867928
  • Language: English

This differentiated, focused reading intervention program bridges the gap between struggling and proficient readers, bringing students up to grade level. This high-interest resource aligns to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) while allowing for differentiation strategies to target on-, above-, and below-level learners. Teach students of all levels key sixth grade reading skills by focusing on fluency, reading comprehension, word recognition, academic vocabulary, and more! This product includes plenty of resources that make it easy for teachers to pick up this kit and start teaching right out of the box, saving valuable prep time.

Focused Reading Intervention: Texas Edition Level 6 Kit includes:

  • Teacher's Guide with 30 standards-based lessons
  • One full-color Student Guided Practice Book
  • 6 interactive Literacy Games in print and digital formats
  • Assessment Guide
  • Digital resources


Series highlights include:

  • Teacher's Guide with 30 standards-driven lessons
  • One full-color Student Guided Practice Book (each kit includes a single copy; additional copies can be ordered)
  • 6 interactive, standards-based Literacy Games in print and digital formats
  • Assessment Guide with formative and summative assessments and progress-monitoring opportunities for each lesson
  • Digital resources including electronic assessment options, student reproducibles, and 30 Refocus PowerPoint® lessons

Teacher's Guide

Each lesson focuses on a single comprehension strategy. These effective research-based strategies serve as a resource for strengthening student comprehension of informational text and literature. Teachers may use these strategies before, during, and/or after reading. Teachers may choose to complete some or all of the lesson activities in order to best meet the needs of their students.

Teacher's Guide

Student Guided Practice Book

The full-color Student Guided Practice Book reinforces and extends knowledge. Student activities focus on foundational and key reading skills to help readers become proficient. Each lesson in the Teacher's Guide has six corresponding student pages in the Student Guided Practice Book. This resource includes:

  • A high-interest reading passage to engage students
  • A variety of text types to meet the rigor and text complexity requirements
  • Word Work activities to reinforce foundational reading skills
  • Activities that support vocabulary acquisition and language development
  • Comprehension activities that reinforce skills and prompt students to use the text when supporting their responses
  • A Written Response activity to extend and enrich students' reading/writing connection
  • A Quick Check to easily monitor students' progress

Literacy Games

Games motivate struggling readers and reinforce reading skills. This series has 3 Literacy Game Sets (which includes the game board, directions, answer key, and game pieces), and 3 Digital Literacy Games to fully engage students with skill-based games.

Assessment Guide

Four easy-to-use assessments in print and digital formats including:

  • Pretest
  • Progress monitoring Quick Check
  • Oral reading record
  • Summative Posttest

Assessment Guide

Digital Resources

Files of the Student Guided Practice Book pages, Literacy Game Sets, teacher resources, and assessments are included. Additionally, the Digital Literacy Games and Electronic Assessments are also provided.

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