Investiguemos los accidentes geográficos (Investigating Landforms) 6-Pack

  • Grade: 4-6
  • Lexile: 690L
  • Guided Reading Level: T
  • Item: 28545
  • ISBN: 9781425832254
  • Language: Spanish

Earth's surface is always changing and scientists study landforms to learn about these changes. This Spanish reader discusses destructive forces like earthquakes and volcanoes as well as weathering and erosion from water runoffs. English language learners will learn about some of the most famous and majestic landforms in existence, like the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Angel Falls, Mount Fuji, and Columbia River Gorge, through stunning images, easy-to-read text, fascinating sidebars, and supporting glossary and index. An engaging lab activity is featured to encourage readers to further explore how landforms occur!

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