Language Power: Grades 6-8 Level A Add-on Pack

  • Grade: 6-8
  • Item: 17634
  • ISBN: 9781433366345
  • Language: English

Add additional copies of each item included in the Grades 6-8 Level A Text Set and improve English language learners' language proficiency with this engaging Add-on Pack.

Components include:

  • Color Changes in Peppered Moths (Text Card)
  • Special Physical Features of Carnivores (Text Card)
  • Snakes Up Close
  • Jabuti's Shell (Text Card)
  • Benjamin Franklin: Thinker, Inventor, Leader
  • Alexander Graham Bell: Called to Invent
  • How Amusement Parks Work
  • The Crow and the Pitcher (Text Card)
  • Step into the Desert
  • Step into the Rainforest
  • A Forest Food Chain (Text Card)
  • On the Money (Text Card)
  • Our Vacation Budget
  • My Lemonade Stand
  • Librarians Then and Now
  • Nurses Then and Now
  • Clara Barton: Angel on the Battlefield
  • César Chávez
  • A Visit to a Marine Base
  • Wilma Rudolph: Against All Odds
  • Climbing and Diving
  • The Quest for Personal Best: Individual Sports
  • Jackie Robinson: Hero on the Baseball Field
  • Baseball Bedrock (Text Card)
  • Asteroids and Comets
  • Neil Armstrong: Man on the Moon
  • Stars
  • Moons
  • The Mars Explorer (Text Card)

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