Language Power: Grades 6-8 Level B Add-on Pack

  • Grade: 6-8
  • Item: 17635
  • ISBN: 9781433366352
  • Language: English

Add additional copies of each item included in the Grades 6-8 Level B Text Set and improve English language learners' language proficiency with this engaging Add-on Pack.

Components include:

  • Mammal Mania
  • Slithering Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Incredible Invertebrates
  • Swimming with Sharks (Text Card)
  • Hit It! History of Tools
  • How Toys Work
  • Making It Go: The Life and Work of Robert Fulton
  • Thomas Edison and the Pioneers of Electromagnetism
  • New-Fangled Inventions (Text Card)
  • African Grasslands
  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Death Valley Desert
  • Rachel Carson: Nature's Guardian
  • King of the Hill (Text Card)
  • Buy It! History of Money
  • It's Our Business
  • Yard Sale (Text Card)
  • Government Leaders Then and Now
  • A Day in the Life of a Firefighter
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Police Then and Now
  • Bikes and Boards
  • The Quest for Speed: Vehicles
  • Roberto Clemente
  • Money Isn't Everything or Is It? (Text Card)
  • The Solar System
  • Blast Off the Space Camp
  • Space Exploration
  • Living in Space
  • Alien Limericks (Text Card)

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