Language Power: Grades 6-8 Level C Add-on Pack

  • Grade: 6-8
  • Item: 17636
  • ISBN: 9781433366369
  • Language: English

Add additional copies of each item included in the Grades 6-8 Level C Text Set and improve English language learners' language proficiency with this engaging Add-on Pack.

Components include:

  • Jane Goodall: Animal Scientist and Friend
  • The World of Animals
  • Sea Creatures
  • Land Animals
  • No Walls (Text Card)
  • A Tale of Tails (Text Card)
  • All About Mechanical Engineering
  • How Do They Make That?
  • Package Design
  • Pioneering Ecologists
  • Life in the Ocean Layers
  • Eco-Predictions
  • Inside Ecosystems and Biomes
  • The Newsies Strike (Text Card)
  • My Store in the Mall
  • Treasure Ship Delivers Gold (Text Card)
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Towns and Cities
  • The Constitution and the Bill of Rights
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Hosting the Olympic Summer Games
  • Olympic Technology
  • The Winning Angle
  • Ichiro Suzuki (Text Card)
  • Astronomers Through Time
  • From Hubble to Hubble: Astronomers and Outer Space
  • Night Skies
  • The Local Group of Galaxies (Text Card)
  • The Moon (Text Card)

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