Leveled Texts for Differentiated Content-Area Literacy: The 20th Century Kit

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  • Grade: 4-12
  • Interest Level: 4-12
  • Item: 13088
  • ISBN: 9781433320880
  • Language: English

Differentiate content, process, and product and promote content-area literacy with this dynamic kit about 20th Century history. This kit provides leveled informational texts featuring key historical themes and topics embedded within targeted literacy instruction. Teachers can assess comprehension of informational text using the included Culminating Activity. Additionally, teachers can use multimedia activities to engage students and extend learning. The 60 colorful Leveled Text Cards in this kit are written at four distinct reading levels, each card featuring subtle symbols that denote differentiated reading levels, making differentiation strategies easy to implement.

Leveled Texts for Differentiated Content-Area Literacy: The 20th Century includes:

  • Leveled Text Cards
  • digital resources
  • Lessons
  • Culminating Activity
  • Tiered Graphic Organizers
  • Assessment Tools; and audio recordings (of thematic raps and leveled texts)

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Series highlights include:

  • Leveled Text Cards written at four different reading levels, 60 cards total
  • Lessons and Culminating Activity
  • Assessment Tools
  • Audio recordings of thematic raps and leveled texts for multimodal support
  • Digital Resources including teacher resource materials, primary source images, interactive activities, and text cards
Leveled Texts for Differentiated Content-Area Literacy: The 20th Century Kit

Lessons & Culminating Activity

Integrate literacy skills within the context of the social studies content with the lesson plans provided within the series. Lessons include:

  • Strategies for fostering literacy and bridging gaps in content
  • Reading, writing, and content-area objectives
  • Tiered graphic organizers, including specific ELL connections
  • Vocabulary development activities
  • Assessments, including formative and summative evaluation tools

Support and promote 21st century skills with the Culminating Activity. Student projects incorporate creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving while being immersed in communication and collaboration.

Lessons & Culminating Activity

Leveled Text Cards

Use high-interest, differentiated text cards written at four distinct levels to facilitate the differentiation process. Every lesson has four cards (60 cards total) written at four different reading levels, but all the levels remain strong in presenting the social studies content and vocabulary.

Assessment Tools

Each lesson contains assessments for evaluating how well students have met the objectives of the lessons. The assessment activities help pinpoint areas in which students did not grasp the concepts of the lesson. The form of this assessment varies from lesson to lesson. A multiple-choice quiz is provided for each lesson.

The final Culminating Activity allows students to use what they have learned in a project-based assignment.

Audio Recordings

Each lesson begins with a content-based rap to spark students' interest in the topic.

Digital Resources

  • Thematic raps
  • Text cards in PDF and editable Word® files
  • Tiered graphic organizers for on-grade, below-grade, and above-grade-level students for each lesson
  • One interactive whiteboard activity for each lesson
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